If you are visiting Rome with family, there is some information that you should know in order to make the most out of your time and travel budget. The Eternal City has a very vast and unique history, art and gastronomy, so there are some choices to make. Planning your trip will be very important for you to enjoy an unforgettable holiday.


Planning beforehand will be the key to make your visit to Rome with family a huge success. Hiring some services and activities before arriving will translate into comfort and optimizing your time, energy and travel budget.

Consider, particularly during summer, that the enormous flux of visitors and the high temperature are factors that can beat even the most enthusiastic tourist.

Make sure not to waste any time, not tiring your family in long unnecessary queues and, depending on how many you are, consider hiring private services. These will be more convenient, economic, and comfortable.

Below, we leave you with some tips that may help you make the right choices when it will come to hire transportation, accommodation and touristic services in the Eternal City.

  • Transfers Airport – Hotel – Airport

From both of the airports that serve the city, Fiumicino and Ciampino, you can arrive to the city center with a taxi or private line buses.

Fiumicino also counts with a train service until Termini Station, the main train station of Rome, and to Trastevere Station, also rather centric.

The trains depart every 30’/35’ approximately, while the different companies that offer bus shuttles tend to depart each hour.

Both airports are nicely served by taxis. Nevertheless, do not rule out the possibility of hiring a private transportation service. It is very convenient while visiting Rome with your family or in groups, and not much more expensive.

Reference prices of the airport-city transfers:

Private line buses: from 5€

Leonardo Express Train (Fiumicino): 14€

Train to Trastevere: 8€

Fixed taxi fare from Fiumicino: 48€

Fixed taxi fare from Ciampino: 30€

(If there is much luggage, they may ask you an extra euro per suitcase).

  • Accommodation

Rome is huge and there is a lot to see. Go for an accommodation that is as centric as possible. As in any big city, the traffic is intense, and to be honest, Rome’s public transportation is not the most efficient.

Choose a hotel from where you can arrive by feet to the greater quantity of landmarks as possible, or from where you don’t have to go over large distances if you decide to move with a taxi or public transportation. This way, you will avoid wasting your time stuck in traffic.

Our recommendation is to locate an accommodation equidistant between Coliseum and the Vatican. For example, in the areas of Piazza Venezia, Piazza Campo De’ Fiori, Piazza Navona, Largo Argentina and Portico d’Ottavia.

  • Coliseum, Vatican Museums and gastronomy

You can combine the two main points of interest if the city with specialized tours. There are very original options that allow you, for example, to discover the historical center of the city as you enjoy the local food.

A very interesting and competitive proposal is offered by Roma Gastronomica. They combine food tours with guided visits to the Coliseum or the Vatican Museums, with special fares for groups and families. You only have to write them requesting a personalized estimate.

On top of that, they have fun and original experiences such as cooking classes, day trips to vineyards and cellars, and much more. Doubtlessly, activities that will make even more unforgettable your visit to Rome with your family.

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