Gastronomy is an essential part of the cultural identity of a country and its people. Doing a food tour in Rome, besides allowing you to discover the city from a more humane dimension, will make you optimize your time and budget.


  • You optimize the inversion you’ve made on your trip

In Italy, eating is not only a ritual but a life philosophy. The assistance of an expert in local gastronomy will let dive into a fundamental part of the cultural identity of the country. While participating in a food tour in Rome, you will discover the products, dishes and stores that are attached to the tradition.

Just as you could not go back home without having been to the Coliseum, it is impossible to leave Rome without experimenting its authentic flavors and local preparations.

  • It is an original and innovative way of enjoying and discovering the city

During a trip to Rome, there are places that can’t be left unseen: the Coliseum, the Vatican, Trevi Fountain… just to mention a few.

But parallel to this traditional circuit, lies another Rome. One more intimate, less touristic, and unknown to those that are just in transit. A Rome that only local people know and whose stories cannot be found on any travel guide.

Participating in a food tour is the equivalent to having a good friend in the city that will show you around and teach you about the most authentic flavors of the Eternal City.

  • You will make the most out of your time

Rome is not a city like any other. Because of its history, its patrimony and its dimension, you need time to get to know it. If you only have a few days available, each hour counts. Make the most out of them.

A food tour in Rome is an experience of guided gastronomy that, in just a few hours and in contemporary, will allow you to discover the landmarks of the city and eat deliciously at the same time.

  • You will substantially enrich your gastronomic culture

Many times, what is known as Italian gastronomy is a limited or distorted version of the original. Your trip to Rome will be the perfect occasion to know and taste the recipes that are most attached to the real Italian traditions. You will also be able to know more about the vision of the locals regarding this fundamental aspect of their identity.

An expert on the field may explain to you all the details and secrets of the most famous Italian products and of this cuisine, that is an international reference of the good table.

Are you ready for an unforgettable food tour in Rome?

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