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Italian secrets for making great coffee

The best way to start your day is with a great cup of coffee, and in Italy, tradition dictates it’s best when done in a “moka”. Making coffee is a rite of scents, movements and sounds, that cannot be matched by the popular automatic machines that nowadays live in many people’s homes. Even so, it doesn’t mean that making coffee in a moka will automatically make it great. Today we teach you the Italian secrets to making a great coffee, so you’re sure to start your day with the right foot.

Italian secrets for making great coffee

Begin making sure that the moka is clean and dry. A tip: never wash your coffee maker with soap or in the dishwasher. Secondly, the water must be cold. Third, the coffee for the moka must be thinner than the use you use to make an espresso, and it should not be pressed once put into the filter. For the forth step, you’re going to put the coffee maker at minimum heat and turn it off as soon as the coffee starts to come out. Even if this means that you’ll get less coffee, it assures you that it will have a better quality and it won’t have a burnt taste. Fifth and last step, remember to stir the coffee before pouring it in the cup to amalgamate the thickest part that comes out at the beginning with the lightest one that comes out at the end.

How to recognize a nicely made coffee?

The coffee made in the moka should not be too thick nor creamy like the espresso, but neither too watery. The first sign when we are in front of a great cup of coffee is, with no doubt, the perfume that comes out from it. A scented air assures us that we are on the right path. Next, we have to pay attention to the color that it has when it is still on the fire. The first liquid must be very dark, and when the heat is off, some hazel-colored foam should come out; this depends on which powdered coffee was used. Another sign will appear when we pour the coffee in the cup. We must make sure that no transparent liquid comes out, since this means that we put too much water. The Italian secrets to making great coffee are simple but essential when it’s time to deep dive into this typical ritual of the Italian everyday life. If you want to learn more about the secrets of the Italian cuisine, join us in our food tours and trips, an original and fun way to discover and taste Italy with all your senses. In Rome, we promise to take you to our favorite coffee shop! Visit us at Roma Gastronomica, we have a gastronomic experience that fits right for you.

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