If you’re planning a trip to the Eternal City and you’re a foodie, a food tour in Rome is a wonderful experience to include in your schedule. You will be able to visit the city’s landmarks and, at the same time, enjoy the best food in town.

How to choose a gastronomic tour in Rome

If a touristic menu is not enough for you, a food tour in Rome, besides being original and fun, will be the best way to find the good spots where to have a good meal in the city.

Below, we will give you some tips to help you choose a food tour of the highest quality.

  • Make sure that the company you’re using is specialized in gastronomic tourism

The companies that are dedicated to gastronomy tourism provide services that are detached from the offer provided by multiservice tour operators.

Focusing solely on gastronomy, they do constant follow-ups in the evolution of the sector and work only with a strict selection of venues; places that are unseen by the tourists but are frequented by locals. In addition, they tend to work with venues that have been awarded, in Italy and internationally, by the most well-known gastronomic critique.

Being specialists on the field, these companies will make you discover and appreciate the uniqueness of the venues by their history, the quality of its products and its preparations.

  • Ask how many people will participate in the tour

We recommend choosing a tour where there is a small and closed number of participants (no more than 10 people). This will substantially increase the quality of your experience. You will receive more personalized treatment and the time available to enjoy the food will fit you more comfortably.

Moreover, in the center of the city, the venues that are frequented by Romans tend to be family-owned establishments that are more pleasant when you’re in a small group.

If your budget allows you, you may even consider booking a private food tour in Rome. It works perfectly if you’re traveling with your family or you’re looking for an experience that is more exclusive.

  • Find out the languages in which the tour is offered

If the tour is offered in only one language, and additionally it is your native tongue, it will be wonderful. This will ease your relationship with the other participants. At most, let it be a tour offered in two languages.

  • Be aware of what you will eat

If you are allergic or intolerant to any type of food, it is important that you inform it as soon as possible, even before booking. If this were the case, ask about the possibility of making tastings adapted to your specific case.

Be open to dishes or tastings that are different, and to plates that are unknown to your eyes. Remember that Italian and Roman food are much more than just pasta and pizza, and this will be the perfect chance for you to discover it.

  • Pay attention to the time and the duration of the tour

Doing a gastronomic tour in Rome is a very original (and practical!) way of having lunch or dinner. If you make your schedule work, you won’t interrupt any visit or activity that you have on your trip’s program. On the contrary, depending on the route that the tour will follow, this will result in a charming way of discovering areas of touristic interest of the city.

If you are into cuisine, you know that eating, besides being a pleasure, is a whole ritual that has its times. Doing an activity like this in only 2 hours may be rather rushed, it works if you have little time available, but dedicating more than 4 hours would be excessive.

We hope that these tips come in handy and that you feel encouraged about making a gastronomic trip. You can dig deeper on this topic reading through Roma Gastronomica’s proposal, they are specialists in gastronomic tourism in Italy.

Are you ready to enjoy an unforgettable food tour in Rome?

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